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Himalayan Salt is known for its many healing abilities; it is non-toxic, pollutant-free and mineral-rich. The negative ions are known to cleanse the air of impurities, relieve stress and boost your energy and well-being. The soothing glow eases anxiety and insomnia and makes for a perfect nightlight.         

Create a relaxing atmosphere while purifying the air in your home with an authentic salt lamp.

Globe & cord included. 

NOTE: This salt lamp is only suitable with 12v electrical cable and 12v globes.

Safety & Care:

    • The electrical globe is located inside the salt rock, after removing the plastic wrapper.    
    • As salt lamps absorb moisture and are natural dehumidifiers, salt lamps are prone to leak salty water in humid environments. Therefore, do not place on electrical appliances.
    • To prevent furniture from getting damaged by salty water, always protect the surface beneath lamp.

      We recommend switching your salt lamp on regularly, not only to disperse the salt particles in the air, but also to help keep it dry and evaporate any moisture that may have come into contact with your lamp. It is always best to protect the surface beneath your lamp & if necessary dust away with a dry cloth.   

Warning:                                                                                  In order to avoid scratches or salt deposits during humid conditions, do not place your Salt Lamp or your Salt Tealight Holder directly on valuable furniture. You should instead place it on a waterproof base – a coaster or decorative plate – until you know how the lamp is going to react to the room. Do not use outdoors or in other humid environments.

Weight: 3kg




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