English Garden/reed diffuser/aroma/140mls

English Garden

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Bring the outside in, Bursting with every imaginable fragrance in any home or office. Lilac, lily, rose and hyacinth.

Our reed diffusers will not only look amazing, they will make your home or office smell amazing too. They are a lovely alternative to candles and melts warmers.

The reeds soak up the fragrance oil and disperse the scent into the air leaving your home smelling wonderful.

To use: uncap stopper place reed sticks in oil for a few minutes to soap up, then turn reeds.

Turn reeds as needed usually every few weeks. Keep out of draughty area not suitable for large rooms.

Holds 140mls, housed in a square glass and capped with a black or silver lid.

Please note: Keep away from pets and children if any oils contact the skin wipe/wash of immediately.

Note color will be random choose unless request in comment. 


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