Bubblegum reed diffuser 140mls


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This  is the real thing! Bring back the child hood memories with this fruity favorite of sweet juicy

Reed diffusers are a lovely alternative to candles and melt warmers. They are flame free and do not require heat. They are perfect for the office and anywhere that you cannot have a flame.

The reed soaks up the fragrance oil and disperse the scent into the air leaving your home smelling amazing. if you like a strong scent use all 8 reeds, flip them occasionally. Our reed diffusers last until the fragrance oil is completely evaporated. The amount of time the fragrance oil last depends on fans, air conditioning, heating, open/closed doors etc.

Please note: keep away from pets and children ,if spillage occurs please clean immediately to avoid staining or damage to furniture and clothing.

*Please avoid contact with skin. 

Weight approx. 140g

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