Candle care

What is the best way to trim the wick ?

The best way to trim a wick is to use a wick trimmer.

How high should I initially trim the wick?

Trim the wick to approximately 2mm above the wax.

What are our candles made from?

All our devine candles are made with a natural soy wax, premium quality scents, natural dyes and quality wicks.

Can a custom order be made?

Yes, contact us at

What dose my candle go out sometimes?

A few reason ,these could be, its in a draughty area, the wick hasn't been trimmed, moisture can be a factor.

 Why is my candle tunnelling and burning uneven?

Its because there are too many short burns. The rule of thumb is to let your candle burn 1 hour for every inch of diameter across the whole surface. For our candles dedicate at least 3 hours of burn time or until the wax pool is liquid all across the surface. Make sure you don't keep it burning more then 4 hours, in some cases the glass becoming extremely hot and breaking. A wick to long may tilt to one side, causing it to only burn the wax on that side.






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